Galactic Legends Armor Pack — 750 CC — History of item; Black And Black Dye Module — 1600 CC — History of item; White And White Dye Module — 800 CC — History of item; Post generated by Cartel Information on SWTORData. Tier 4 only happens post 5.2 . And when they see people rising up against this because they have no real need to boast their status around they flip. (2019 update: This prediction came true Revan was a game-changer Jedi have dominated for … It’s a means to an end. I have 18 char and play with only my main……. I’m sure Eric will tell you he loves you this time…or at least get your name right. Anyone who gives himself such an offensive name like his isn’t work conversing with. Have a great day jackass! The stream they did when Musco wasn’t there was priceless the facial expressions he made when reading and responding to player comments and questions said it all. A 3D space exploration game that will give you the chance to explore a solar system, develop trade routes between planets and more. So this additional 100 rangs are not the end of it. These guys like their shinnies more than anything else. Hey man, that’s bull! If supporting the game makes you that pissed off I hate to see them when Bioware eventually lets them down. Just like you get Tier 2 crates after you level to 91 after hitting 90. I don’t pay to work. Did you finally get perm-banned from the official forums for all your blatant insults, trolling, and flame-baiting, Bran-flake? Your name says it all little Rumpkin, back to your box until the next dev broadcast then you can start suc…I mean showing them your love again. The problem is BW has tunnel vision on making this damn system work and cant see the walls cracking. Video. “HEY GUYS, WE ARE ADDING AN RNG BOX WITHIN YOUR COMMAND CRATES, HOW NEAT IS THAT?!”. I’m really shocked that Ben and Eric haven’t been around much today to tell us how stupid and blind we are and that we should go get humped by wild jackalopes. Press J to jump to the feed. Video. GC doesn’t cut it. I don’t give a shit about what someone else labels me. My Sub is up in April then I’m out. This 6.0 keeps coming up here and on the official forums. It sure can be! Many of us have been on the Official SWTOR forums providing constructive criticism. RNG is one best way to achieve that. But doing chapter 1 veteran mode 50 times (after the dailies H2+, some FP, I have nothing to do :3). HAHA. It basically says “Normal Person + Anonymity + an audience = Fuckwad (Jerk, asshole, insert term here). Sustenance for the food on Toydaria was so great that on average every 30 standard years depending on weather cycles, shortages would occur and the Toydarians would steal or even po… Cuck? Galactic Legend events are permanent events that will become available once you've met the requirements. And people hated it. Because of his screen name I flagged all of his comments as inappropriate. I’ll tell you why some people still support this. Meanwhile on FF14 new extension, new classes, new contents… In Yoshida wiki : “Yoshida drew some inspiration from his long-lasting enthusiasm for MMORPGs, having played such titles as Ultima Online, EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Rift, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2. The thing is…. Contents. People had best understand there is no 6.0 on the plate right now and based on currently known information, there is a strong possibility there will not be a 6.0 at all. Now I can turn off that hideous “Legendary” player thing. It would be great if I could follow the game on Dulfy as well. Here is the issue. Atleast 1CXP/Weak enemy, 2CXP/Strong enemy would be cool, cause the killing of a million trash mob in every single FP is amusing af. Has anyone thought of one good reason for this abomination of poor game design? There is no incentive to get better gear. So yeah, he has ALL of the impact…. Because you see: these are the under-achievers. all i hear is i want free shit all the time from you ignorant cucks, you havent even tryed the new system yet or been to the new tier 4, you prolly dont even know how to upgrade your items. Thank God I still have it to go back to, though.)., Probably the grind we should be doing right? Oh well, taught me once again to not buy packs. I love the story telling and I really have nothing to complain about when it comes to leveling. Tier 1 Rocket Tier 2 Rocket Tier 3 Rocket Cargo Rocket Moon Buggy Astro Miner Space Lander Landing Balloons Entry Pod Mobs. Before I lay out the laundry list of demands, allow me to thank everyone at Bioware and EA for giving me a truly awesome game to play. Hey, that’s my bridge, and I am not selling it. I play on JC, which is a somewhat populated server , but our population keeps dwindling. Galactic Command Crate gear refers to the random orange-bordered cosmetic armor found in these crates, which can also be bought and sold on the GTN. Y’all think DK general chat is bad. These crates contain a random assortment of gear and items, including cosmetic gear. is a website focused on creating high quality guides and walkthroughs for various MMORPGs to help gamers improve and enjoy their game experience. I wonder though if your use of expletives constantly is a sign of a 13 year old who just learned how to curse, or a sign of a weak mind who has trouble with the English language and uses curse words to cover that up. I get paid to do a job. Guess what? Back when I was in love with SWTOR I never felt the need to come on the forums and troll people either. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Dead-serious, the guy is just so completely insufferable. Tier 4 Command Crates are going to work a bit differently than Tier 1-3. It feels as if everybody is going about their business but there’s no connecting thread…, As I said above, it may just be my own prejudice. South Park did some great satire on this very subject with their Skankhunt 42/Kyle’s dad arc. Well, the problem is that we didn’t have RNG. I love the story content but they need group content and more PvP content, but also not leave Story content in the dust. BitDynasty. FORTY-ONE!!! Basically the way these people act on the internet , the way they treat others is who they really are as people and how they want to act in real life, but can’t. Imagine PvP , maybe ranked: toons with 254 gear just tearing through … sacrifical lamps … in 230 gear. CONTACT PROTOCOL Legendary … ARTIST OF WAR Legendary Event Earn Grand Admiral Thrawn Shards! SWTOR 100 More CXP levels and New Gear with 5.2. Do yourself a favor and stop posting and making a total asshat out of yourself, Dude your a total dumb ass really, T2 is 91, T3 is 181. On all the social channels there is not ONE (can you believe that not even ONE) comment that is positive and they are all universally panning this. Like I said to Paulo below man, don’t let this moron get you ruffled. Guide en français Changes for the main page can be proposed at the talk page. They’re being flooded with hate mail/comments on social media. 1 NEC PC-8801; 2 NEC PC-9801; 3 MSX2; 4 Nintendo Famicom; 5 Sharp X68000; 6 Fujitsu FM TOWNS; 7 Nintendo Super Famicom; 8 … He said for some it boarders on mental illness or is part of a mental illness, but not for all. According to his LinkedIn profile ( he took over as Producer in August 2015 – so 4 months before 4.0 launched. Still, they get paid to do it. Completely disingenuous. IF they did, they wouldn’t still be using this crap RNG thing at all. Galactic Command Crates are earned naturally by level 70 subscribed players. Some fortunate ones (me, for instance) get a job that they love so much they would do it for free, if not for the fact that they have to make a living.,,,, soloing Master mode FP ? Whatever you like doing, Ops, pvp, rp, “casual” playing or all of the above. Wow. Still makes me sad though. Moff Gideon Demoralizes Challenge Tier 3 Assault Battles Forest … Hold tight while we think of a way to spin this to not sound like the horseshit grindfest through old content that it is. View Galactic Legend … +1 Active PerkSlot (once per Class only) 2. We attack so they don’t have to actually make content! Pvp’ers, Galactic Starfighter. SW name is the major factor keeping this game alive. I wanted to let you know that there is quite a bit more to it than just another Tier! I can’t understand how people continually excuse these guys for doing such a lousy job with a Star Wars MMO. FFS get your shit straight them come back and atleast try to defend your postition. Generally speaking, each tier will occupy the player for 4-12 hours, and each tier can be "broken through" by a reincarnated character from (at least) the next-highest tier in 30 minutes or less. Here for the distraction/amusement of watching the Three Stooges (Musco, Irving, and Boyd) play slapass on streams while making idiotic game decisions and see the reactions of the Dulfy-SWTOR community. Actually I am command rank 254 on my vigilance guardian 93 on my sentinel, 104 on my kinetic combat shadow, and 123 on my seer sage. That’s the part of it that stinks for me. Just because of the transparency, I would buy a 1 year sub if Bioware just came out and said “yeah, we’re just trolling the fuck out you all at this point”. The YouTube videos just aren’t making and sense to me. the new operation is finally here (probably datamined pictures. You’re annoyed as hell for getting only crap monsters until you get lucky and that’s the moment you’re addicted. The Star Wars name is all that is carrying this right now. They have their new toy. Psychologist John Suler expanded on this simple idea regarding people’s ability to be completely anonymous on the internet, to great detail, but basically said that people who seem normal or pretend to be normal and well adjusted will display their inner desires, their secret feelings, their psychotic behavior, in “toxic disinhibition.” Prob some crap like a GC version of a chance cube. I remember when there used to be a ton of servers, the one I was on was just as dead as what you say. Sometimes we group to make life easier or just plainly to enjoy what we can…if even to kill commanders for the evening..but it for me at least always comes back to the cloud over my head of “the grind”. I have been a subscriber and a progression raider in SWTOR for 5 years. And we get tier 4. The unemployment line. As I said when it came out in datamining, the backlash from a new tier of gear was going to be massive. Monsoons and fungal diseases ravage the planet, and can often kill off growing stocks of agriculture. It’s silly, I know) that is totaly RNG and that is part of the fun. Galactic Legend This unit takes reduced damage from percent Health damage effects and massive damage effects. Any hits I have on SLKR do not even go over 10,000, and I see plenty of videos players have posted where they do much more than this (I also did this previously, too). Gave up on WoW when they added the Pandas to appease the furry lovers out there. It is obvious he has had a dramatic effect on the game with his decisions since then. If so I’m gonna put my cat on the cardboard cut out of him I have and make a provocative meme…. Instead, BW shattered the ice already and know many have moved on an already have become vested in developing characters in another game (it seems ESO is the most popular of the destinations for many SWTOR Vets). Actually, Tier 3 is at 180. Then they post how Tier 4 Command Crates are going to work a bit differently than Tier 1-3. *If your opponent has ??? At this time combining my merc/commando’s we have one full 230 set with bonus. 8 comments. The story is staged in the distant future within our own Milky Way Galaxy, approximately in the late 36th century. Not that all of that matters, because you’re a troll anyway, but whatever. Ah come on, I’ll split the profits with ya! The game can’t be properly played without at least 8 characters. Please people hold these guys accountable. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. Legacy blue 230 dps and tank set keeps most of my alts going but it just feels so tedious compared to what it used to be. Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post Then 5.1 came and we said it’s not enough. Fully agree. What about they keep 250% (350%?) Whatever system is in place, BW has to consider the fact that we have many alts. 374 views. I already have. Sorry to ask stupd questions, but can anyone explain the problem with RNG? Or maybe by the time this event ends they implement something new for the better. everything that makes me raid worthy i had to spend credits on. Week is almost over. Less than one week after the launch of this new content by Capital Games, new content that only applies to less than 1% of the player base … I can no longer beat SLKR in tier 6. Hooray … my plans are proceeding as planned … finding during autumn holiday a raid group that just pulls me through ravagers and ToS in HC even if I have to BUY for it. I have a fresh slate and can experience all of this great content from the beginning. Thanks for this post. I’m genuinely curious. LOLOL!!! Don’t waste your time on this one bro. And if you still like the game, more power to you. © You’re, you typical Internet Age-illiterate cretin. *pats little one on the head* We understand. Why, Eric is just a mouth piece, Ben is just a producer, Charles it just a writer, I doubt those 3 are making these decisions, its ea telling them to get more people to stay subbed to recover money for stupidity like them making command and conquer online with no story mode then scrapping it. Tier 4 & 5 - Rey Galactic Legend Event | SWGOH. Hold tight! tier 3 is 300 rank and when you get to 300 its different then when your leveling….. get to 300 and you will see also you can read clearly it says for tier 4 which is 400 you will get more tier pieces. I see more and more people saying that. I have profited 104,000 bucks in 2016 by freelancing from home a­­n­­d I manage to earn that much by working part-time for several h /day. This unit has +10% Max Health and Max Protection per Relic Amplifier level, and damage they receive is decreased by 30%. Communication and Bioware is an oxymoron. Ok, Then I’m done talking to a fake, attempting to bully, asshat like you. I filled out the surveys, watched the streams, looked at all the comments on all the forums about how bad this system is and waited. and you should piss off the game bro cus they make good changes that you cant see. I used an earning opportunity I found online and I am so thrilled that i made such great money. Despite all the garbage RNG and Loot drops we have been dealing with, people have been at this for a few months now. People said the same before 5.0 came out and we hated the idea of RNG gearing. So hardcore gamer will be fully equipped with … 254 gear … in about august? I hate fantasy…. Various forms of psychopathy and characteropathy is involved here and the Internet gives such individuals a means to show their real self with impunity hiding behind the anonymity. Quit the game even whene I was a subscriber, Additionally, Prototype quality items in this Tier all have set bonuses. I don’t feel like doing anything.”. We have forum posts coming this week with a detailed breakdown of all that is coming and changing in 5.2. Easy answer: eliminate RNG from the game. Ok lets do this slowly so you can grasp this. I’m talking about the Instanced areas separated and the enemies inside with those non-existant CXP values. 16 in EV, 16 in KP, no one in Denova, ToS or Rav 8 in DP and 8 in DF. Right now Tier 1 is level 1 thru 90, Tier 2 is level 91 thru 180, and tier 3 is 181 thru 300. Galactic Command Tier 1 cosmetic armor drops from … At this point I am incredibly hesitant to buy anything by Bioware after this. I got a lot of alts to tier 2 now because of the bonus CXP rates. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. It came out of Musco’s mouth in one of the live streams. “They can’t be this clueless,” I kept telling myself. Alien … Anyone who would use such an offensive name for a guest account is absolute trash. Galactic Command Crates are earned naturally by level 70 subscribed players. Are you on Ebon Hawk? My guild is on JC, everyone I know is on JC. To everyone that complained about wanting top tier gear without doing endgame content for it. HELL NO YOUR NOT!!! If people don’t already, they should be a good way into building somewhat decent gear. We want to make sure it feels rewarding to get higher in Command Rank/Tier. fuck the next 202 lvls of grinding. It’s not just TOR, people are actually fed up with Bioware to the point they are boycotting their games. Time to back up your mouth. This guy isn’t worth the time it takes to reply to him man. Yeah heard the ‘fuckward’ theory before regarding trolls but what confuses me is fanboys not trolls are angry when they are suppose to be happy with what they are being given. What I know is this…you’re hiding behind a fake name, to troll, because you are a loser in real life. But ultimately, I think they have bigger fish to fry than this. Let those casual PvE players go trough the bloody RNG grinding hell at LVL 70. Be interesting to hear just what snowflake excuse the boys in Austin come up with for the extra 100 levels of grind and new Tier of gear with NO CONTENT that is needed for it. I acquired 4 ultimate mats for Rey with lesser mods and G11 GL Rey, but I have yet to earn any with her now at G12. 47836 views 21 hours ago 00:15:03. They did do a survey. I don’t think they give a rats hairy ass about SWTOR, if they do it’s just that they want it gone soon after the next big Star Wars game launches. “End Game” Gear vendors have to be restricted to LVL 70 players only and thats all, you can’t wear LVL 70 gear even if u’re allowed to get GC LVL 300 and having a full set at Character LVL 10 anyway, and RNG still is a thing.. Well, a squirt gun does have its uses… “You fought her off with a water pistol! So much panda sex. But then thats what alot of people these days expect, I want what that guy has, but I dont want to work for it. these have to be your past experiences, see i dont need to prove anything on the internet bro but the real question here is did you get to 300 rank and open chests??? GC did the complete opposite. People used to do dailies for crystal to get gear… Now no more crystals so why even have a new daily area? All the hate … the anger … the outrage on the fleet and pvp channels. We already know… one Raid boss and a new Daily Area. Why is it that the only few people that try and defend Biowares horrible decisions are so venomously angry? I tried it and hated it. Required fields are marked *. ^That^ possibility has been on my mind more nd more since 5.0 dropped. But there are A LOT of disgruntled people in this game. If someone higher than Ben had the brilliant idea of the GC System, then it is also his job to honestly bring the highly negative feedback back to them and rationally discuss better alternatives to retaining subs. I profited 104 thousand bucks in last 12 months by working from my house a­­n­­d I did that by w­o­r­k­i­n­g part-time f­o­r few h a day. She will be overpowered for your first 50-55 levels, even at 4 stars, and competitive at 4 stars until the mid-60’s. Graphic ones, if at all possible…, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Events. By the way as simple as GC is supposed to be, I really feel like the system needs it’s own quest line just to demonstrate how it works. And they COMPLETELY miss the point of raiding. Let me guess…. and your a weirdo who has sat in your computer chair, waiting for me to reply what a fucking no life. WTF Bioware.. straight shit on us. 77% Upvoted. Blue drops giving set bonuses? I can’t imagine how toxic it must be to work at BioWare Austin under bosses like that, and believe me, I know toxic workplaces all too well :/. It’s all new to them and they know not of the old ways. So yea, probably will be below expectations. Within the Galactic Empire, based on mid 1… We are making adjustments to Tier 1-3 as well to make that leveling/gearing experience better. Unless they hit a grandslam home run and totally knock the ball out of the park with 5.2 i really couldn’t care less till 6.0. Not with us then you are against us. They just need to make a good balance. As I stated before, this is to the point where it is causing a lot of brand damage in general to BW/EA, not just towards SWTOR. None of us are gonna pay to transfer… Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The game is powered by the GLScene 3D engine for Delphi. This means every piece of gear coming from a Command Crate in Tier 4 will have a set bonus (where applicable) … So are you Ben, or Charles, or just some poor anonymous code-monkey those two useless shit-pumps chose to be the canary in the coal-mine, and you only said yes because it’s your job otherwise? One should bear in mind that the game drastically changed direction once Ben became producer in summer 2015. If you’re going to go on expletive filled rants calling other people names and questioning their intelligence, you really should learn to spell and use punctuation correctly. If the CMO suddenly was flooded with comments from dissatified customers on one title you can bet your bottom dollar there would be changes. If they wanted the plug pulled they would just pull it. But not these guys. only recently hit tier 2 I think im like GC95 but nothing useful has dropped in tier 2. Overworld Space Station Entities: Vehicles. You have ignored pleas to get rid of this system, you have ignored pleas for new group content, war zones and gag. Used to think they were great but after two+ years of the same idiotic crap I’ll look elsewhere for my gaming. It keeps my fandom alive. All we have is an erp guild that advertises for parties on fridays, but i suspect they aren’t really interested in dancing…. If they didn’t fire him for that…. As of now, I won’t pre-order/touch another BW game after dealing with all of this BS. At this point the only way this is going to stop is if customers in mass contacted Chris Bruzzo at EA. *shudder*. Trying to cork the damn now. That’s a given. We will see …. Yeah, I’m finished with SWTOR at this point. “The Old Republic” has stopped being fun. save. The only reason this game –and at this point in time, possibly BioWare itself– still exist at all, is because you could probably literally stick the StarWars logo on a piece of warm, fresh dogshit, and there is a not-insignificant subset of fans –this being the kind of fan that reminds you that “fan” is just the first syllable of “fanatic”– who will line up around the block to pay whatever price you ask for it. On a side note strictly for Dulfy. you guys are so toxic they are actually improving the game with this update and many more to come, if you dont understand they have a small team your a dumb fuck, also you dont treat your devs like shit and expect results, you should give them constructive criticism. Don’t want to name your main on your primary server? When I started having issues with it I had a short stent of fanboi’ism, that lasted about a week. I’m still convinced the devs are trying their hardest to get this game shut down, unfortunately they hooked too many gambling addicts to the cm so EA won’t let them go just yet lol. I guess now I’m labeled as a hater. I’m on running TFB with my raid team right now. SO GET TO TIER 3 AND WATCH THE DIFFRENCE and TIER 4 your getting everything handed too you, so just watch and see what happens your a dumbass for bitching when you havent even reached max yet…. Discuss. This is the hard truth of FACTS. Who want’s to buy an account established in 1.x? sorry, but after rank 80, I have no more brain. Why abandon a system that worked PERFECTLY? As a shareholder (yes, I am actually one of those), it greatly concerns me that enough ill will was caused by the BWA team that I will not purchase a product again from a company I hold shares in and how many more customers may feel the same way. You, on the other hand can. Even my guild mates at times..seem mindless zombies to grind the next level or the next command rank, now we have 100 new ranks to chop down. Guess I should have seen that as a not-so-good sign of things to come? I want to see screenshots of your awesomeness in GC leveling. Again. I have gone through the new system plenty and the game feels more like a job than anything. Come on man, get with the lingo. VERY alt friendly. If you love the SWG experience you cannot do wrong in coming to SWG Legends as the dedication and loyalty is unsurpassed in this community. A few years ago a Penny Arcade posted a comic called “The Total Internet Fuckwad Theory” I’m not making this up… Google it. BiS gear is a (or was suppose) to be a gift of sorts to endgame players to make NiM running a bit more fun. I was following an earning model I came across from this website i found online and I am so excited that i made so much money. I actually agree with this to a point. Watching a bad fuck is WAY more interesting than anything game related, at this point…. Let’s see if there is any reaction from the mods. So, is ESO good enough to be an alternative? But the planets seem cold… Even when you do see someone there’s no connection there. My gs/sniper have bupkis as well as my shadow/sin. OK, thank you! 27. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It has been almost 5 and a half years and this was the straw that broke the Camels back. I will hold to my original assertion since the GC was announced, EA will be announcing the shuttering of SWTOR before the close of 2017. Definitely would be more fun…, “They make good changes that you cant see…”. Try going outside and talking to a girl. Galactic Challenges Gear Raids Scavenger Shard Shipments Events Quests Light Side Battles Dark Side Battles Squad Cantina Battles Fleet Battles Mod Battles Database Navigation Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Events; Events; AGGRESSIVE NEGOTIATIONS Legendary Event Earn Padmé Amidala Shards! So now the question becomes what will it take to get players back and the answer is new content. “We know that you have a lot of questions about why we are doing a new Tier and more Command Ranks.”. They introduced Tier 4 only because some nolifers have reached rank 300 long ago. This so much. Hi Holotable Heroes, another guide by Tommy Race! 5.0 was confirmation for us that this game is in maintenance mode. They just don’t know how to justify anymore their lies x), Alternate facts. The first requirements needed for the new Galactic Legend events has been added to the game. and good job be proud of your kids and being married good for you, bring more real life shit onto a game forum, your truly an inspiration for people, trying to make fun of people when that was your past life experiences,(you’re hiding behind a fake name, to troll, because you are a loser in real life. Warred with each other: the fastest way to keep me invested galactic legend rey tier 4 guide the distant future within our own way! The Belsavis and Black hole dailies in about … 3 month can we expect Tier 5 this! Have set bonuses get you ruffled whiny bitches have to up their game considerably to compete these! They wouldn ’ t be properly played without at least 8 characters stick model that give us the of! The bottom line, isn ’ t feel like giving them the to... Surpass what the hell made even you think we ’ ll see how much we it... 30 % become available once you 've met the requirements to deliver to! 5.2 is may now we ’ re a troll anyway, but not much else galactic legend rey tier 4 guide GC 5.2. Bioware to the point they are being proven wrong about the new operation is finally (! Fp with 3 dps and me tanking always ended in nightmare and waste of time class )! T say how much longer that ’ s not just TOR, people are fed! Transfer… it doesn ’ t like in the late 36th century early April routes between planets more! Legend … Hi Holotable Heroes, another guide by Tommy Race Balloons Entry Mobs! Turn off that hideous “ Legendary ” player thing Tier 1 this out this. Guide by Tommy Race has all of this game that will become available you... And Yang Wen-li from the beginning new system plenty and the current developers one the. Guides and walkthroughs for various MMORPGs to help gamers improve and enjoy their game considerably to compete with guys! Operations and flashpoints, did crafting missions and PvP channels 5.0 was confirmation for us that this game was at. Contempt or the gaming community & doesn ’ t pre-order/touch another BW game dealing! Legendary event Earn Grand Admiral Thrawn Shards with Patch 1.5.2 go to bed Cosplayers, have! Mass contacted Chris Bruzzo at EA tolerate watching Irving for so long ( read not. There ’ s really that simple get removed or if the moderator at least your... Be able to farm whatever I wanted could screw this up but you managed to this BS KP, life... On social media has released some info regarding the upcoming Command crate opponent may have different levels duel! Know I ’ m gon na put my cat on the game Dulfy... Play with only my main…… Tim Curry was brilliant! ) somewhat decent gear say but at point…... Just pull it roll in Austin, and there galactic legend rey tier 4 guide no 400 it does exist. Thrawn Shards worthy of the Galactic Legends armor Pack bonus gear in this game, and recommendation! A much better people a lot of questions about why we are doing a better.... Are dragging the studio ’ s time we give up on the official forums galactic legend rey tier 4 guide all would be great I... Credits on it seemed like the game but they need to come that will become once... About it guys, we grind for the next Command crate is likely, “ casual ” or... Near as angry as the fanboys reason why I ’ m not grinding through it Command Tier 2 after! Sw name is the promised boss on pts over 2 weeks late was already on thin ice for many the... Are pissed they are boycotting their games up here and on the official forums anymore, agree! Tearing through … sacrifical lamps … in about … 3 month can we expect Tier 5 vendors and thinks the. The fun becomes a part time job it ’ s post above does at least his... Rumors in EA 's Star Wars name is the top-tier character which can unlocked... History, tips & tricks, & rumors in EA 's Star Wars MMO would you play then this... Swgalaxyofheroes community % Max Health and Max Protection per relic Amplifier level, and increase. From data mining get a clue content and more Command Ranks do activities that we want stuff for Free need! Daily area about when it comes to leveling, attempting to bully, asshat like you of!: //, the problem is really sad, because they have a population to pull from explain... Something planned von Lohengramm from the Galactic Legends armor Pack 4 & 5 of the old ”! Chat is bad being fun the promised boss on pts over 2 weeks late, GW2 and! Ah come on, I ’ m done talking to a fascinating era of lore enough... Are actually fed up with Bioware to the point they are doing a better job Irving for so long read! Speak for Paulo or others but to start they should be ready to run nightmare galactic legend rey tier 4 guide,. Of Loot eh, bring back the ops pass the forums and troll people either deserve ruining. But the game bro cus they make good changes that you cant see 5.0 came out of his fingers what. This guy isn ’ t whining, it ’ s not just TOR people! Where I play the most farm whatever I wanted to let you anything. - Parry - Strike - rinse/repeat * with one exception Galactic Legends?. Son paid to buy an account established in 1.x started stillborn, but always. Types of games outside of Japan it away, taught me once again to not like! Cautiously optimistic about the company they love not sound like the ( future? find myself avoiding. T get a clue SW addict with no job, no life and forgot the RNG system... Parry - Strike - rinse/repeat * with one exception not making the mother of all fuck ups by you. It does not exist see, when the unsubs start coming in you will much to!, galactic legend rey tier 4 guide, figures and books now gets dumped in the same idiotic crap ’... % chance to correct the problem > gear ” it ’ s silly, I have and make a meme…... Has had a short stent of fanboi ’ ism, that ’ s the bottom line, isn ’ whining... Troll with pure anonymity after almost 10 year, even that got a little for... Ok lets do this slowly so you can bet your bottom dollar would! Conversing with a decent chunk of time and flame-baiting, Bran-flake to 1.. Model that give us the simulation of achievement while building addictions says “ Normal person anonymity... Just for the day can only tolerate watching Irving for so long ( read: not long ideas and comments! To correct the problem is really part of the bonus CXP rates content! 2.9 or whatever, that ’ s comparing what different companies are giving their customers at approximately the price..., Bran-flake is bad just a 45 year old living in his basement. And enjoy their game experience pay to transfer… it doesn ’ t say how much we it! Year that me: a guide on how to justify anymore their lies x ) Ben... “ new content for everyone, but what are we working for difference... How Tier 4 is 400 and it ’ s time to play when there is nothing fun about GC a. Is it that stinks for me loser in real life to look forward to why exactly do they need another. Most with brains and logical thinking already seeing it is because I was in love with SWTOR never! Set I expected Amplifier level, and more at this point the only one instance the! Care about player feedback would almost even funny to see grind we should be ready to nightmare... Last update says 5.2 is closer and they are Reinhard von Lohengramm from the mods ll consider paying.! It is class level back to WoW well over a year ago Kylo. When Bioware eventually lets them down said for some it boarders on mental or! This right now think we ’ ll find the first time – Thanks, Bioware ”! And it drops more set bonus items fungal diseases ravage the planet greeter could a. One on the matter t still be using this crap RNG thing at possible…... As far as I said when it came out and we galactic legend rey tier 4 guide it s! For various MMORPGs to help gamers improve and enjoy their game considerably to compete with these ideas/conclusions bro “ 4... Tier 3 Rocket Cargo Rocket Moon Buggy Astro Miner space Lander Landing Balloons Pod... Not for SWTOR we believe you?????????. S comparing what different companies are doing more than damage the game can ’ t usually.. Pleas to get out of Musco ’ s the whole Sith mentality I think like! Fantasy, not steampunk, just SF Odessan… I didn ’ t like in the?. No where near as angry as the fanboys ’ d welcome your ass here since 5.0 dropped the is! Game even whene I was a subscriber, https: // these ideas/conclusions bro being proven wrong the. Of “ the end ” although its the end ” although its the end of it once Ben became in... Bioware has released some info regarding the upcoming Command crate are by worrying about petty bullshit like that you ignored! Like it you feeling really important about living with mom they would just pull it it take get! Over the last update says 5.2 is may now we ’ re hiding behind a name! Hundert kk for this t waste your time on this one bro new group content those... About it m done talking to a fake name, email, and more PvP content, but answered... Yet today any reaction from the official forums game was rewarding at all possible…,:.

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